Gaza Central Desalination Plant (GCDP)

The Gaza Central Desalination Plant (GCDP) Project involves within the Phase I the design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, testing, operation and maintenance of a 55 million m3/a desalination plant (approximately 161,000 m³/d) based on the reverse osmosis technology. In a later Phase II it is intended to increase the plant capacity to 110 million m3/a. Decommissioning of the Project has not been considered yet but it is analysed in this EIA to assess compliance with applicable environmental standards.
The Project will be executed in two lots:  Lot 1: Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant including on-site power plant with reciprocating engines and photovoltaic (PV) plant on the roofs of the SWRO building.  Lot 2: Off-site power plant with PV plant on ground structures and wind turbines on coast area in front of SWRO main site.
The total power demand of the SWRO plant is in the range of 25 MWe, resulting in a total energy demand of 204 GWh per year.
For the main power supply (Phase I) a grid connection via 66kV cable from the El Matahen substation (within Gaza) to the project site is considered. Furthermore, a full back-up by a fossil power plant with reciprocating engines supported by PV modules on the roofs of the SWRO building plus wind turbines are considered. It shall be noted that the mentioned grid connection, as well as the water transmission system, are not included in the scope of work for this ESIA.
The following sections describe the project location, as well as the GCDP main configuration and associated pre-construction, construction and commissioning, operational and decommissioning actions to be considered during the ESIA process. 3.1 Location of Gaza Central Desalination Plant and Associated Infrastructures
The GCDP area is located at Deir Al-Balah in the center of the Gaza Strip and will cover approximately 7.3 hectares. The land plot is a coastal area at the Mediterranean Sea and is located in a semi-urban region surrounded by tourism on the north, agricultural areas on the eastern part, and a military camp on the southwest. The ground surface is declining toward the East.
For offshore investigations and data gathering, an area of approximately 160 hectares (700m x 2,300m) has been demarcated.